“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!”

Do you remember that Staples back-to-school commercial with the Dad dancing down the Staples aisles pushing the shopping cart, the daughter and son following behind with their heads down moping, as the Andy Williams song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is playing? We are a little over two weeks back at school and that song keeps ringing in my head. But this year, back-to-school definitely had a different feeling, knowing they were going back to school 100% virtual FROM HOME. Was I excited? Heck no! I felt like the little girl in the commercial moping with her head down. My kids weren’t excited either.

To be completely honest, I think I yelled more at my kids in the last six months than I have in the past five years. We have made some pretty awesome memories together and we have also had some times of tension in our home. Times where we all felt stuck.

True Story: Please don’t judge! We got a puppy in June. Her name is Cocoa. My entire family adored her from day 1. Me? Um…debatable. Want to know why? I used to have at least one hour to myself in the morning before my family woke up. During that time, I drink my coffee, read, and enjoy the quiet before taking on the day. That is where I get my head straight. Set my intentions for the day. Once sweet Cocoa came into the picture, my days started out a little different. They began with Cocoa waking up, running around like a banshee, peeing, pooping, and pure chaos. No more quiet time in the morning. I began to resent sweet Cocoa and not enjoy being around her because I felt like she took away my quiet time, and my head felt like it was spinning all the time.

Having times of quiet is a HUGE piece of my self-care routine. It began to show it’s pretty face in my home when I no longer had it anymore. We try not to say “hate” in our house, but guess what, I said I hated Cocoa in front of my kids. OUCH! I didn’t mean it. I was just yearning for some quiet. I felt stuck. That is not the best version of me and the example I wanted to set in my home. So I had to change some habits. Life is never scripted or perfect. You have to adapt and overcome.

How did I change my habits? I tweaked my morning routine. As much as I did not want to get up earlier, I knew if I wanted some quiet time in the morning that was my only option. So I tried it. I went to bed a little bit earlier and woke up and little bit earlier. Cocoa and my family were no longer my alarm clock. Tweaking my day by just 30 minutes helped get me out of a rut, and my resentment towards Cocoa. I got my quiet time back and slowly got back to feeling like myself again.

One small change in my day had me feeling stressed, overwhelmed and run down. By acknowledging that, and figuring out how to fix it, I am a better version of myself, and my family gets a better wife, mom and dog-mom!

So if you are feeling a little stuck right now, you are not alone. These are hard times for everyone. We are having to make changes and adjustments almost everyday to deal with online school, working from home, and any other big change your family adds- like a puppy!

Part of my job as a health coach is to help you identify and acknowledge what is making you feel stuck, and then to help you fix it. I would be honored to help you tweak some of your habits and help you get clear on what you want for your life and health, and get unstuck.

I love helping stressed out, overwhelmed people, who are tired of being tired all the time. I help them gain more energy, make more time for themselves, and help them create healthier habits that change into behaviors that last.

If you’ve been wondering about health coaching, or you are feeling extra tired or stuck in these crazy times, now is a perfect time to schedule an appointment with me!

I have 2 openings available this Fall. Join me for 12 sessions of 1 on 1 Zoom meetings, usually between 45-60 minutes, that will look like this:

  • Session #1- Outcomes You Want in the Next 90 days
  • Session #2- Foods That Give You Energy vs. Take Away
  • Session #3- Honoring Hunger and Fullness
  • Session #4- Mental Rehearsal
  • Session #5- Self Sabotage
  • Session #6- Nourishment Menu
  • Session #7- Stress & Metabolism
  • Session #8- Wheel of Life
  • Session #9- Personal Power
  • Session #10- Acknowledgement/Appreciation
  • Session #11- Magnificent Obsessions/Life Inventory
  • Session #12- Empowering Lessons/Completion Ritual

Now is the time to set aside some time for YOU! Let me help you get unstuck!

Contact me via email or 610-246-1429 (text or phone call)