Body Scrub Anchoring Challenge

Body Scrub Anchoring Challenge ---- from the certified Health & Wellness coach who loves helping women with stress management, negative self-talk, mindful eating, and self-care.

Alright, I am about to get cheesy. Those who know me know I love cheesy!

All too often, I hear women putting themselves down, whether it is their bodies or something they could have done better. "I should have done this," or “I could have done that," or "I feel so fat..." What if I told you, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are perfect just the way you are. It's one thing for someone to tell you are enough, but it is another to actually say it and feel it. P.S. I used to be one of those women and still struggle with it from time to time…

So, I challenge you to use your body scrub as an anchor.

What do I mean by anchor?

An "anchor" is something that grounds you in yourself, your mind, and your body. Something that makes you feel calmer, more at ease, and more sure of yourself. An anchor to remember that you are good enough right where you are. Not tomorrow, once you have accomplished that goal or lost 5 more pounds. Right here, now.

Want to start feeling like you are enough? Let’s tap into the concept of the universal law of attraction- “like attracts like.” What you focus on expands around you. What you tell yourself is what you often become.

So…the next time you go to use your body scrub after washing the dishes or scrub your arms and legs during your shower or bath...catch those negative thoughts. Instead of saying to yourself, "Ughhh, my legs are so big, I am so gross," say what you are grateful for about them instead. "My legs are amazing because they move, how blessed am I to have legs that work and move." Do this on a regular basis and you will replace some of the negative self-talk with more positive self-talk that will serve you rather than work against you.

Listen, I am going to give it to you straight! If someone chopped off one of your legs tomorrow, you would not be complaining that it is not just the right size or shape. Stop the negative self-talk, replace it with the positive, and be grateful for what you have instead of what you don’t have. You might find that being grateful for legs that move and not beating yourself up may help you move your body more!

Final thought…. talk to yourself like you would speak to a close friend. You wouldn’t point out your friend’s physical flaws, so don’t do it to yourself either. And if want to feel better about yourself or your body, do ONE small thing that will move you forward in that direction.

So, find that anchor, remember what is means, and start practicing that positive self-talk!